Humans relate to symbols on multiple levels in reference to time, culture, environment, and the individual perspective. Captured and provoked by the cross-cultural narrative and evocations of certain visual symbols, E.Turner correlates these effigies with her personal mythology, while observing the timeline of human nature through the eyes of ancient ritual.

The underwater experience, Water Ballet, is an interactive installation that includes paintings, sculptures, installations, video projections, costumes, movement, and music. Based on the Balinese belief of how the soul is released from the physical constraints of the body after death, dancers will embody this narrative. Dance collaborators include: TuMM (Tulsa Modern Movement) & Megan McKown Miller. Original score written by Andrew Bones, and live music performed by Josh Massad. Trained movers inhabit the installation, and bring to life the seemingly stationary sculptures. Music and light are embedded into these installations, as live models and dancers interact with video and projected images. The gallery is transformed into a palimpsest of sensory details to display the ocean as it wipes clean the slate of human’s perceived existence.       

Erin Turner – Tulsa Installation/Performance Artist
“Erin Turner will be presenting slides that are inspired by water, Bali, bioluminescence and installation art.“      

                 Erin Turner is a painter, sculptor, costume/set designer who’s installations are a mixture of large-scale, material-intensive serpentine structures, wall-sized drawings, and paintings. She examines the toxic nature of plastic and “workman’s materials” in a natural setting with the intent for human interaction and performance to power the sculptures.

E.Turner works in 2D, 3D, and 4D, with motifs and subject matter that traverse the different dimensions, establishing an interactive environment where viewers and performers alike can be influenced to percieve a different reality. She takes toxic, discarded materials, and manipulates them to expose the magic of the material. She is intrigued by the transformational qualities that art works and installations have on one’s idea of reality, space, and time. Painter’s plastic, car wash foam, chickenwire, tinfoil, and newspaper are transformed into 50ft. serpentine sculptures that hang in space, or are burned on location. By burning her sculptures, she prompts a discussion about impermanance and ritual.

Gallery hours are: T, W, F & Sat 1-5pm  and Th 1-9pmFor more information about the artist, go to:

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Water Ballet, a one-woman show and performance designed, directed, and created by Erin Turner.Without giving away too much, I’ll say  this: The Tulsa all-star crew includes but is not limited to Andrew Bones, Josh Massad, Megan McKown Miller , and TuMM. That list excludes the lovely roster of photographers and filmmakers signed on to document this event; a bill of names noteworthy enough to demand a second blog post.


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It’s gonna be good. Get excited y’all.

Opening reception is September 7th at 6PM at the Tulsa Living Arts.

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